“How much do you know about botox?”

“How much do you know about botox?”

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More and more often we hear the word botox which seems to give youthful and firm skin to middle-aged people. How safe is it and when do the first results appear?

The ability to change, renew, improve, the image of the face with a painless easy and economical method is now very popular.

The well-known BOTOX (botulinum toxin) is a processed protein, which in very small doses acts on the muscle, resulting in the inhibition of nerve impulse transmission, so that the muscle does not contract and is partially paralyzed.

By applying small doses, selected depending on the spot, either on the forehead or the area around the eyes (goose foot) or on the eyebrow as well as on other selected spots on the face we can erase the wrinkles and create a brighter face and especially younger. Its application is painless, the session lasts about 30 minutes and you return immediately to your activities.

How effective is it?

Its effect becomes apparent after the first 48 hours to the first 7-10 days while its duration is about 4-6 months so it can be repeated. It is aimed at women and men whose expression wrinkles are starting to appear more intensely as well as for the renewal of their face.

It should always be performed by specialized doctors to avoid mistakes that can cause alteration of the image of the face (drooping upper eyelid, “frozen” face, drooping corner of the mouth, etc.).

Injectable fillers are now just as popular. Mainly hyaluronic acid is used but also fat as well as processed blood etc. Hyaluronic acid is a normal component of our body and therefore harmless in its infusion. Injectable implants give us incredible opportunities to change, reshape and renew the face. Using them, the specialist can facelift, improve the image of the nose, give volume and shape the contour of the lips, “fill” superficial and deeper wrinkles on the face, neck, “décolleté” and elsewhere, to give volume to the cheekbones or chin, to remove the “bags” under the eyes, etc.

The effect offered by hyaluronic acid is immediately apparent after a mild local swelling that subsides the next day. Its duration of action is about 8 to 12 months, at which time its application will need to be repeated. The latest generation injections are of much higher quality and have evolved a lot so that they last longer. The infusion is relatively painless and it is wonderful that in a direct, easy and economical way we can have results almost similar to surgeries.

By Konstantinos Th. Makripidis, Surgeon ENT – Facial Plastic Surgery.

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